Monday, April 19, 2010


So, a year later (and some posts removed), so much has changed.  As of this very day, I am 24, one semester away from graduation and just over year from being married.  It slays me how much can change in just a year.  I'm in a different living space and definitely a different mind space.  A year ago, I decided to move in with my fiance!  It's so awesome!  The transition was ridiculously smooth!  
I still work at the community college I used to attend, I'm still at the same Orange County university and I'm (hopefully) going to keep on at it with their graduate program next spring.  I really want to put myself out here to help me remember this time.  I love food and get a kick out of looking back at what I ate.  I'll be doing the last minute things to plan my wedding in the next year or so.  I've always sucked royally at keeping a journal and really want to make it work this time.  
With a bit of luck and some effective time management, maybe I'll pull off reincarnating this blog.

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