Monday, April 19, 2010

10 Pounds.

I've been craving barbecue lately.  Must be the summah, summah, summah time coming upon California.  Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with barbecue sauce and will put it on anything.  We've been on a chicken drumstick kick the past few weeks...they're cheap.  And drumsticks are the funnest, they come with a handle!  I can buy a family pack of chicken drumsticks and it will feed us for 2 meals, plus leftovers for C's lunch.  I'm crafty, I know!
But...I saw an ad in the circulars this week for cheap my thoughts for the past few days have included getting my crafty little hands on some ribs.  It didn't help that we went to Disneyland this past Saturday, where somebody's wife mentioned their vineyards Cabernet would go great with barbecue ribs.  (P.S. Ribs also come with a handle!)  
I headed to the store after work to find that the stuff only came in the "family pack".  A family pack of ribs is not the same as chicken.  Chicken can be nicely portioned out, it's not hard to cook chicken more than one day because it can be prepared quickly.  The ribs were not practical!  Unfortunately, that did not sway me...
So...yeah....I bought ten pounds of ribs.  

And I swear it was the smallest package. 

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Chef Dennis said...

gotta love ribs, enjoy your indulgence!!!