Monday, April 26, 2010

Let me make it up to you!

Oh blog, I feel terrible for abandoning you this weekend, though I promised not to this time. Let me post again today and make up for it!  You accept?  Yay!
So...I started today off with a green smoothie!  Spinach, a peeled tangelo, half a frozen banana, frozen mango, water and ice.  It was awesome!  Then I had some cereal and almond milk.  I have been OBSESSED with this lately:

It's so good!  I used to always buy the Twigs, Flakes & Clusters cereal at Trader Joe's, but I like this plain fiber cereal much better.  It has a graham cracker-y taste and is not as grainy as the Twigs, Flakes & Clusters.  And you know....the fiber...girl's gotta eat! I lost a bunch of weight a few years ago doing the low-carb thang and can still be kind of cautious with carbohydrates.  But, if a carb is complex (in personality...not just structure) and high in fiber, I'll dig it.

After that I ate a badass salad for mah desk-
Spinach, corn, black beans, roasted asparagus, sun dried tomato, goat cheese, balsamic.

All together! With a string cheese!

It made my wildest dreams come true. 
And that's a fact. 
I didn't have any meat that I could add to the salad, besides, that string cheese had been waiting for his time to shine.  I had to oblige.

This morning, before work, I headed to Target.  I kind of go there a lot.  Like, a lot, a lot.  I told myself this weekend, after I killed the bag o' Dark Chocolate M&M's in the freezer that I wouldn't replace them.  Unfortunately, in that lecture to myself, I was overly specific and said "Dark Chocolate M&M's", thereby creating leeway for these purchases:
From left to right: useful, yummy, new-to-me yummy and totally unnecessary at this point.

I can justify of my most useful and most annoying skills. 

I had to buy those Goody headbands because for some reason I am down to two.  One useful stretchy headband (kept in my car for working out) and one stretched out...totally useless headband (kept in my bathroom where a solid, but feeble, attempt is put forward every night to utilize it).  In the same vein, I am missing a whole crapload of ponytail rubberbands.  I don't understand how I lose so many of those things.  I put them on my wrist every morning and they either go on my head or stay on my wrist until I arrive home.  It's not as if I fling them about as I walk down the street.  Why/how do they disappear?  I don't get it.

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Protein Girl said...

Just had to say congrats on the 6mile run! That's quite a feat! I've heard so many people say they prefer TJ's fiber cereal over the name brand ones! Have a great week and good luck with your goals!