Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When You Least Expect

I'm not the most selfless person - I frequently get overwhelmed with life and thoughts (even pre-diagnosis) and as a result, I'm not the most thoughtful person either. I get distracted.

A byproduct of a cancer diagnosis is suddenly having to deal with all the communication surrounding the patient (me). People say that when times get rough, you see who your real friends are. I'm not experiencing that type of distinction. Right now, my times are tough - really tough, and instead, I'm getting to see how amazing my friends, colleagues, and family are.

Not to brag - but I just can't let amazing deeds go unpunished, so here goes: a handful of my coworkers (whom I'd told first) got together and bought me a ridiculously expensive blender. The type of blender that one lusts after, but cannot justify the cost of. The gesture was truly staggering. Friends that I have known for less than a year stepping up to help me feel better. I always considered them real friends - no confusion there. This experience has given me an real opportunity to reflect and appreciate how great the people in my life are. Cards, flowers, emails, texts, offers to help (which I take seriously - I will call you)...none expected - and none unappreciated.

Thank you all.

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